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About No Regrets Tattoo

Your Story, Our Art

Welcome to No Regrets Tattoo Bucharest. Here, every mark we make is a chapter in your story, inked with care, creativity, and respect. Join us in our studio, where your journey is immortalized and your unique narrative celebrated.

Step into Your Story at No Regrets Tattoo Bucharest.

About Us

Bogdan Bacanu
- A Visionary Leader

Meet Bogdan Bacanu, the dynamic CEO at the helm of No Regrets Tattoo Bucharest. Since 2008, Bogdan's journey from the historic lanes of Bucharest to the vibrant tattoo culture of the UK has shaped him into a beacon of innovation and artistic excellence in the tattoo world. His philosophy? 

Work diligently, craft a unique style that not only expresses oneself but also resonates deeply with others, making them truly feel the art."


Our Mission:
Artistry for All

No Regrets Tattoo Bucharest stands as a celebration of diverse narratives. Here, artistry and inclusivity blend seamlessly, welcoming clients from every walk of life. We're more than a studio; we're a community where every unique story finds its artistic voice. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to bring your personal tales to life with our inks, crafted with unmatched passion and precision.

The No Regrets Experience: Bold, Humble, and Personal

Within our walls, you'll discover a space where bold artistry meets genuine humility. Every client is a part of our family, and every tattoo is a journey we embark on together. Led by Bogdan, our team respects your vision, ensuring that each piece is not just a tattoo, but a personal emblem, proudly worn.



NR Tattoo Academy

NR Tattoo Academy, where artistry meets expertise.

Our academy offers dynamic tattoo workshops tailored to your needs.

For beginners not knowing where to start from, we provide a comprehensive introduction to the craft, and we dive into the world of tattooing with hands-on instruction.

For professionals seeking to elevate their skills, our seminars provide advanced insights and techniques to refine their craft further. From mastering intricate details to exploring innovative styles, our curriculum encompasses a diverse range of artistic expressions.

At NR Tattoo Academy, we believe in empowering artists at every level to unlock their full potential. Join us on a journey of creativity and mastery as you learn the art of tattooing from industry-leading professionals.


Join the No Regrets Community - Be Inspired!

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Join us for an ongoing learning and creative experience.


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