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Mihail ALIN

Step into the world of Mihail Alin at No Regrets Tattoo, Bucharest, where art meets individuality. Since his start in 2016, after graduating from the National University of Arts, Mihail has become a beacon of creativity and client dedication in the tattoo world.

Creating by the philosophy "Your vision, my canvas; your satisfaction, my masterpiece," Mihail excels in a large palette of styles - from vivid color works to classic black & grey, from traditional old school to intricate dotwork. His artistic versatility is not just seen in his diverse range but also in his unique creations that reflect each client's personal story.

Whether it's a striking color tattoo, a timeless black & grey piece, or detailed dotwork, Mihail's commitment to tailoring each design to the client's desires is evident in every artful stroke.

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